Affordable Counseling Program

By Stephanie Camins – MA, LPC

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Road to Growth Counseling is happy to announce our new affordable counseling program.  As the clinic director, I am always searching for ways to help more people find their path to mental health and wellness.  I began this practice as a sole practitioner in 2003.  Much has changed over the years in healthcare.

As the practice has continued to grow as a respected and quality provider in the community, the referrals have continued to increase.  We have appreciated all the community agencies, healthcare professionals, school professionals, and our clients for their resounding endorsements of the services we provide.

With the accolades comes the challenge to provide services to a greater number of people.  One of the values we hold closely is continued education and research aimed at staying at the forefront of mental health treatment.  It has been a natural next step in the evolution of Road to Growth Counseling to embrace the training and supervision of master’s level graduate candidates.

Our clinic is now affiliated with Northwestern University and Regis University as a training and supervision facility for advanced graduate-level interns.  The goal is to provide quality counseling for all people who want to grow and heal in their lives.

Why Add the Affordable Counseling Program?

Problems in marriage

The ever-changing landscape of healthcare has challenged me to continue the evolution of the clinic.  As the demand for services has increased over the last 15 years, I have added multiple health insurance and EAP contracts to maintain affordability for my clients who wish to use these benefits. In using insurance, our clients have shared a number of challenges, including, high copays, high deductibles, difficulty finding clinicians with availability, and the inability to access services in large health care organizations such as Kaiser.

What Services are Offered?

Our masters-candidate clinicians offer a low-cost, high-quality counseling option for those seeking psychological services including individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, and groups.  They provide counseling for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Anger management
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress management
  • Life transitions

Why choose Road to Growth for affordable counseling?

If you have done any searching for affordable counseling options then you are certainly familiar with the multitude of online counseling services that offer immediate access to 1000’s of clinicians from a wide variety of locations. While tele-mental health is definitely an up and coming option, these online services have pit-falls.

There are many considerations you must make before starting online counseling, such as privacy, technology accessibility, clinician experience, and clinician location. Many clinicians just starting out find the online services helpful in building their practice.  Also, you must reside in the same state as your therapist.

Our clinicians at Road to Growth Counseling are able to offer the best of both worlds.  We offer HIPAA-compliant tele-mental health options which give you the flexibility to “mix and match” in-person and online sessions to fit your needs.

The second option for affordable counseling is typically through large community or county health organizations. While there are a variety of services offered in community mental health organizations, there is a downside.  These agencies are often staffed with less experienced professionals, there can be waitlists due to the high demand for services, you may not qualify for a reduced fee as this is based on income, there is a high employee turn-over and it is unlikely you will be able to choose your provider.

At Road to Growth, our goal is to provide you with an affordable option that fits your needs financially and emotionally.  There are no income qualifications for our program.

The session rate is $60 per individual session, $75 per couples/family session.  Our interns are strictly selected by myself and supervised weekly to maintain the high quality of care we are known for. 

Thank you for supporting our mission and values. We are excited to extend our services to you. You can get further information on our current interns and request services today on our website

Stephanie Camins, LPC


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