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Our counselors specialize in working with couples, families, adults, teens, and children living in the Westminster and Arvada, Colorado area.

About the Practice

Road to Growth Counseling originally opened its doors in Arvada over 20 years ago. In that time, we have expanded from a single therapist to a practice with 6 counselors and 2 locations to better serve the Denver metro area. In our collaboration with schools, medical practices, community agencies and the very valued referrals from our clients we have proudly helped thousands of people heal and grow into their best selves.

Road to Growth Counseling Values

Our Mission

To identify barriers to growth, resolve past struggles and focus on strategies to improve wellness, life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships.

Our Vision

Helping people of all ages live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Our Values

Compassion – help through a focused understanding of others’ emotional states.

Trust – create a safe and caring environment.

Education – offer new skills and innovative services to complement traditional counseling techniques through ongoing research and training.

Collaboration – assist people in harnessing their strengths to overcome patterns of emotional issues and personal struggles to reach their full potential.

Diversity – respect the needs of all our clients.


Meet Our Counselors

At Road to Growth, our team of counselors come from a variety of backgrounds and training that provide a unique understanding and expertise for your counseling needs. The right therapist will help you move seamlessly through the therapy process.

Specialty Areas:

  • Trauma Counseling
  • Anxiety Counseling
  • EMDR
  • Brainspotting
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • Healing from Co-Dependence
  • Recovering from Broken Relationships


  • Body Image
  • LGBTQ+ Counseling
  • Children and Teen Services
  • Couples
  • Depression
  • Parenting
  • Family Counseling
  • Divorce
  • Grief & Loss
Stephanie Camins RTG Counselor

Stephanie Camins - Clinical Director - MA, LPC

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) #3338
  • EMDR Level 2 Certification
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Brainspotting Clinician
  • Divorce and Child Custody Mediation Certificate
  • Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology – University of Northern Colorado
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology – University of Colorado Boulder

I have worked with children, adolescents, adults and families for 20 years in a variety of mental health and educational settings with a focus on increasing personal strengths and fostering healthy relationships. I specialize in the treatment of trauma and anxiety, along with depression, stress management, life transitions, relationship issues, parenting, interpersonal struggles and work and career issues.

In working with clients I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), EMDR, Brainspotting, Hypnotherapy, client-centered and systems modalities, tailoring treatment to the specific needs of each individual. Therapy is a collaborative effort in which the client and therapist work jointly to identify barriers to growth, resolve past traumas, and focus on strategies to improve wellness. My approach to counseling is warm, collaborative, supportive, and direct. My belief is that every person has the ability to heal, change and grow. A strong therapeutic relationship encourages trust and allows the client and therapist to work equally in a team approach on difficult issues. As part of this process, I work to create tools and coping skills to fit the needs of each unique person using a variety of techniques.​

Gina Henschen - MA, LPCC

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate
  • Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling – The University of Colorado Denver
  • Bachelor of Science, Journalism – Ohio University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Spanish – Ohio University
  • DBT Skills and Crisis Counseling Training
  • EMDR Trained Therapist

I work from a person-centered, collaborative, and holistic perspective, offering a non-judgmental space for clients to explore all parts of themselves. I view therapy as a joint effort and firmly believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to promote change. 

I believe that we are all born on this planet as whole and worthy human beings. I also believe that our various lived experiences — including trauma in all its forms — can have a big impact on our beliefs about ourselves and the ways we show up in the world. As a therapist, my goal is to help you tap back into your truest, most authentic self and uncover barriers that may be preventing you from living your most joyful life.

I specialize in working with pre-teens, adolescents, adults, and LGBTQIA+ individuals experiencing a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, disordered eating, trauma, substance use, and self-harm. I also have extensive experience in working with survivors of narcissistic abuse and religious trauma. Prior to joining Road to Growth, I worked across several levels of care in mental and behavioral health including inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient.

Doing this work is a true privilege, and I am here to sit with you in pain, joy, and everything in between. I honor and welcome all identities into my practice and offer a safe, affirmative space for clients to receive support. I hope that I can hold space for you as we navigate the ups and downs of life, together.

Emma Johnson - MA, MFTC, CAS

  • Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate
  • Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy – Regis University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Sociology – University of Colorado
  • Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS)

The moment I knew I was interested in pursuing a career in therapy was when I visited a medium-level security correctional facility and was given the opportunity to immerse myself in the illustrative stories of six inmates and the reasoning for their incarceration. Upon my return home, my family noted an evident change in my presence observing an increase in my empathy and motivation to help people such as those I had spent the day with. Hearing the tragic history detailed by these men led to an awareness around the patterns and impact one’s family of origin may have on our lives and experiences. These realizations paired with my education are what ultimately led to my interest in a collective approach to therapy.

As a Marriage and Family therapist, my focus is on treating the whole system opposed to only part of the unit. My education and experiences have focused on populations including couples, families, and individuals. The areas that I specialize in are substance use, eating disorders, marital distress, mental health diagnoses, behavioral health diagnoses, and trauma.

I am a certified addiction specialist (CAS) and have been working in the substance use field for over three years in residential settings with both adolescent and adult populations. I have also worked with eating disorders and coexisting mental and behavioral health issues in partial hospitalization programs for a collective two and a half years.  My understanding of substance use, eating disorders, and mental and behavioral health disorders for a variety of ages has made trauma a central focus of my work.

Asking for help is immensely challenging, it requires extensive vulnerability and risk-taking. Trusting a stranger with your story takes tremendous courage as it is oftentimes frightening and uncomfortable.  Whether you are asking initial questions, scheduling an appointment, or attending your sessions you will be greeted with empathy and support for whatever it is you are facing. Taking the first step is not easy, and I want to assure you that regardless of where you are in your journey, you are not alone. It is my goal to create an environment in which client(s) feel comfortable being vulnerable and furthermore, want to heal.

Katie Murray - MFT Intern

  • Master of Arts (In-Progress), Marriage and Family Therapy – Regis University
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with concentrations in Prevention and Intervention Science and Early Childhood Professions
  • Gottman Level 1 Certified

Therapy is an experience that allows individuals to bond through the commonalities of everyday life.  Although there is not a single person who has gone through the same life experiences, stressors, joys, grief processes, or accomplishments that you have, we as humans are more connected than ever.  For this reason, therapy has intrigued my passions throughout my educational career. 

One of the biggest reasons that I am pursuing a career as a mental health professional is credited to my time interning at a Child Trauma and Resilience assessment center.  My experience at this agency established my desire to strive to work with children who are highly sensitive as they go through the chaos, yet beauty, of the early stages of life.  My career goals include becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with specific certifications; one of these certifications in particular being play therapy.

My focus in therapy stems from a holistic approach, which allows me the opportunity to treat the individual from a systemic perspective. This means that I believe an individual’s story contains more to process and consider from outside factors, than from just solely their individual experience. Through my educational and clinical experience, I am trained to work with individuals (children, adolescents and adults), couples, and families.  The areas I specialize in include; grief work, play therapy, child and adolescent development, identity development and trauma informed care with specific regards to child trauma that includes depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

As your therapist, I hope to create a warm and welcoming space where change feels collaborative, yet challenging at times when boundaries are tested. I hold great honor with individuals who are willing to share their life stories with me, and carry a level of respect that is necessary when working in this field. As a pre-licensed therapist, I am excited to engage in therapy with people from all walks of life no matter their age, gender, living situation, or specific history they maintain.

Regina Perez - MA Intern

  • Master of Arts (In-progress), Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Northwestern University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Indianapolis
  • Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Certifications

I believe that the greatest gift I can offer as a therapist is to hold a safe space for clients to explore any and all of their feelings, beliefs, and ideas without judgment. I am passionate about connecting with clients through an integrative, person-centered, and holistic approach that equally values their thoughts, emotions, spirituality, bodies, cultures, and diverse experiences. My aim is to provide a safe, compassionate, and authentic space for you to feel seen and known as you process your present and past. In addressing these various parts of individuals, I aspire to help them validate and explore their experiences as opportunities for growth and healing.

As a pre-licensed therapist, I seek to be trauma-informed and work to validate individuals’ experiences while exploring the efficacy of their resulting emotions and behaviors. I would like to further my knowledge and growth with adult clients but primarily focus on children and adolescents experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

I have an experienced background working with children and adolescents for the past 8 years and adults for 2 years. I have been in the position of mental health counselor, behavioral health specialist, and registered behavior technician. I have worked in various settings such as hospitals, inpatients psychiatric units, classrooms, clinics, and clients’ homes. The population of my past clients have varied in different diagnoses and diversities. From clients struggling with suicidal ideation, depression, PTSD, bipolar, borderline disorder and anxiety, to different behavioral and developmental needs in clients with learning/ intellectual disabilities. As my passion for mental health continues to grow, I look forward to walking alongside clients in the counseling room to unpack their stories and help explore what that healing can look like.

Cassie Finegan - MFT Intern

  • Master of Arts (In-Progress), Marriage and Family Therapy – Regis University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Minnesota
Seeking therapy can be a vulnerable experience, from listening to your instincts in finding the right match for you, to trusting in your own innate capacity for growth, healing, and change. My approach to therapy stems from a humanistic and systemic lens in which I believe the uniqueness of each individual informs their approach to and capacity for growth, choice, and overall well-being. Operating within a systemic lens allows me to not only look wholly at an individual but experience alongside that individual the world around them.
I believe we need an empathetic and compassionate person to support and empower us while making the courageous decision to embark on the therapeutic journey. I provide a nonjudgemental, inclusive, and safe space for my clients to share their experiences, emotions, and vulnerabilities throughout therapy.
I invite all clients with the desire to heal, grow, learn, and change in their own unique experiences into my office. I believe growth begins with connection and safety, and that all individuals have the capacity for this connection that fosters insight and healing.

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Stephany Gonzalez - MFT Intern

  • Master of Arts (In-Progress), Marriage and Family Therapy – Regis University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Metro State University Denver
  • Counseling Children and Adolescents Play Therapy Certificate (In Progress) – Regis University

The moment I realized I wanted to pursue a career as a Marriage and Family Therapist was during my first psychology course in high school. This course sparked my interest in counseling, specifically with couples and families. A core value of mine is how important relationships are with the world, our families, and ourselves. Learning about the developmental stages inspired me to focus on the importance of relationships. Relationships are fundamental to a child’s upbringing, not just to children but at all stages of life, starting with childhood, leading to adolescence, and through adulthood.

Through play therapy, I have discovered I am passionate about working with children. My focus is to help all clients but especially children and adolescents by providing a safe space to feel safe, heard, and empowered. During my time as a pre-licensed therapist, my goal has been to strengthen my work with children and adolescents and to help them communicate through their primary language, which is play.

As humans, I believe we all have a natural desire to want to connect, grow, and improve. Although asking for help is no easy feat, therapy allows individuals the opportunity to grow and improve. As a member of a minority, I have seen first-hand that it is not a cultural norm for everyone to seek help. I acknowledge that it is extremely brave to seek help. Humans are all uniquely beautiful. The differences and challenges you face make your stories worth listening to. No two people come from the same path in life. Your experience is uniquely yours. The journey we call life often comes with obstacles, some greater than others. Regardless of the obstacles or challenges, you may be facing, it would be my honor to have you as a client and get to learn about your life story!

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