Spirituality in Everyday Life

By Alexa Ashworth – MFTC

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Spirituality is a sacred connection within our mind, body, and soul.  When we honor all our cells and organs working for us daily, we are capable of reducing physical pains attached to stress.  Spirituality is one way you can speak your body’s language and listen to the call of your spirit.  The surreal beauty of being in tune with our spiritual life exists when we encounter a deeper sense of aliveness in relation to what is within and around us.

Discovering your own spirituality

You can discover and engage with your spiritual life through many kinds of practices.  Practices such as meditation, sitting outside in the silence, yoga, private prayer, attending services or ceremonies that resonate with your religious culture, listening to messages from your ancestors, and journaling profound experiences.

What I love most about starting this sacred journey is you get to make it your own and be as creative as you want along the way.  What all spiritual practices have in common is the invitation to connect to your heart center and be light.  To surrender deep-rooted emotional angst, cultivate love, and acknowledge our own courage to continue showing up each day for ourselves is extremely healing.

Spiritual Growth Journal

Below are questions you can make time to sit down and journal on in your own time.  As you cultivate new ideas, make awe-inspiring connections to your own body’s needs, and discover inner truths; I recommend keeping these revelations somewhere you can easily go back to and read.  Reflecting on where you are in your own spiritual transformation process is a powerful experience in itself.

Questions to journal or reflect on:

  • Where do I typically experience a sense of deeper belonging?
  • Write down those places you believe are most sacred to you.
  • If you could call on your spirit for help or guidance today, what would you ask for first?
  • Are there doors closed in your life you wish you could open?
  • What do I have yet to surrender to feel light?
  • Do I waiver in principles? If yes, write down why that is and ask if you are okay with this or not. If you do not, write down why it is you are able to stay congruent in a practice and what you have yet to explore to strengthen your spiritual connections.
  • How do I act or behave when I am experiencing my truest self?
  • Am I uncomfortable with allowing myself to experience a sacred connection to something greater than me? If so, at what point do I disengage?
  • What would it take for me to feel completely whole? To love with no boundaries?
  • Do I appreciate the parts of my body at work for me daily?




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