Parent Coaching & Support

Parenting is one of life’s great challenges. Parent coaching focuses on helping you learn positive parenting techniques that will help your child learn to manage their emotions, participate positively in the family and have a happy relationship with you. Although not the fun part of parenting, discipline is a necessary part of parenting. With parent coaching, you will learn to manage negative behaviors so that you can move on to the fun part.

Parent coaching is also helpful in getting all parents on the same page. Children do the best when their world is consistent. Whether it’s 2 married parents or a blended or divorced family, kids need consistent routines and expectations.

Getting all the adults working together can be challenging. We all have our own parenting styles and although we don’t need to parent in the exact same way, we do need to agree on some of the fundamentals. A counselor can help set up a system that works in your family and take the work out of reading through the volumes of parenting books available to us today. They can help you work through the different parenting styles you may have learned growing up to find a cohesive version that you can agree on.

With experience in all ages, including special needs parenting, we can help you with the biggest responsibility you will ever be given, raising a happy, healthy little person.