By Stephanie Camins – MA, LPC  

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ZONES offered by Road to Growth Counseling

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Based on The ZONES of Regulation®: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control

Written and Created by                   Leah M. Kuypers, MA Ed. OTR/L

The Zones psycho-educational group is taught by Kayla Currier and Stephanie Camins.  Children ages 6-11 participate in a 6 week group session. Currently, the group is run several times a year on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30pm.

This is a highly effective curriculum, teaching children to incorporate sensory, social learning, executive functioning and emotional regulation needs to develop social, emotional and sensory regulation. “Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management, and impulse control. It is defined as the best state of alertness of both the body and emotions for the specific situation.” Problem behaviors such as being too silly, too distractible, shutting down, or exploding get in the way of learning, making friends, and expressing confidence. Children WANT to make better choices but don’t always know how.

This program uses a cognitive behavioral approach, which includes cognitive restructuring, relaxation and calming skills, pro-social interaction skills, and behavioral reinforcement.  The Zones program teaches children to recognize their states of alertness and emotions using 4 colored zones. Calming and alerting tools are taught to help them move effectively between zones. Children are encouraged to evaluate the “size” of problems and make adjustments to solve problems.

Goals include:

  • Learn to manage sensory input from the environment
  • Develop emotional self-understanding and emotional self-regulation
  • Improve executive functioning and cognitive control of behaviors
  • Encourage social perspective taking
  • Increase self-awareness – reflect on their own behavior and look at the perspectives of others

By the completion of this program, children increase their ability to attend to more than one activity at a time, also known as, attention shifting.  They are encouraged to consider multiple options aiding their ability to think flexibly. Planning and organizing actions, impulse control and emotional regulation tools are taught to achieve these skills.

Call today to reserve your spot in the next session.  Spaces are limited to ensure your child receives highly individualized learning. The cost is $300 per session and includes 6 weeks of small group instruction, parent worksheets and take home assignments and the support and knowledge of 2 professionals in the fields of education and psychology.


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